A Brief Diversion

When I was a young fellow, stabbing aching numb fingers at a cold hard ZX81 keyboard, I remember noticing that Psion, a company that had produced many of the shiny commercial ZX81 tapes I had beside my computer had their name on a new kind of device. Psion was an English company that began life writing software mainly for the Sinclair home computers. In 1984 they released a new kind of device; a small, battery powered handheld computer marketed as "the world's first practical handheld computer". This device, the Psion Organiser, is commonly regarded as the first PDA and eventually lead to the smartphone and tablet market we have today.

After thirty years I finally have one.


The Great 8 Bit Office Mov(i)e

Get the full guided tour on You Tube.


RetroChallenge 2014 Summer Challenge is here!

It's time of year for the 2014 RetroChallenge Summer Challenge! In the dead of miserable winter here in the southern hemisphere of course. And naturally I've not had a lot of time so far.

In the spirit of making an attempt, no matter how feeble, here begins my late start to the posts, but better late than never.

Some may remember my aborted attempt in the 2013 Winter Warmup to tidy the Vintage 8 Bit office of doom. Naturally nothing happened. And over the succeeding year and a half it got worse. Here's a reminder of how is looked back then:

Get the idea? No? Try this:


and this:

So. That's where we started a couple of months ago when we bought a new house. A new house in a different part of town, with me having a broken collar bone and not being able to pack, lift or carry.

This was shaping up to be a difficult month.


RetroChallenege Summer (In the Dead Of Miserable Winter) Challenge

FIGnition kit

I shall hold my 14 year old son against his will and force him to build a FIGNition single board computer with me, and then torture him with learning the Forth programming language with me over the month. By the end of the month we should both be able to write simple programs in Forth.


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