Book Review: Bob Pape - It's Behind You

While on holiday over the Christmas break I had the pleasure of reading It's Behind You: the making of a computer game by Bob Pape.

Bob Pape is probably best known for his ports of the arcade games Rampage and R-Type to the ZX Spectrum. Many have described Pape's ZX Spectrum version as the best home computer port of R-Type to any platform, and I'd tend to agree; the arcade game was notable for it's large and well drawn graphics and the Spectrum version lives up to the original despite the Spectrum's colour limitations.

In It's Behind You Pape writes about his experience and the events that surrounded the production of these two games. While I found many of the technical details interesting it is the politics and dodgy business practices that I found the most enthralling aspect of this book. This was an engaging and enlightening read that I highly recommend to anyone interested in the ZX Spectrum or the 80s video game industry.

Download a copy to read for free.

Play It Again Features Andrew Stephen

This Month the Play It Again Project is featuring collectors from around Australia and New Zealand. Check out my feature, as well as those from Andrew Kerr, Nick Hook, Alan Laughton and more to come.

It got moved! Sort of!

The first stage of the move was putting some things I wouldn't need straight away (OK, I'll admit it's arguable I don't need any of it) into my storage unit. Sadly the final photo I took before leaving was too blurry to show, but here it is before I put a few more boxes and a Coin Cascade arcade cabinet in it.


Arrrggh! Where did the month go?

My empty workbench ready for shifting

It's almost the end of the month and the end of the 2014 Summer RetroChallenge. And what have I done?

I moved house for a start. In previous posts you will have seen the state of my old "office" as I began to pack for the move. Packing wasn't the easiest thing as I'd just had surgery on my broken collar bone and couldn't do any lifting or carrying. So we brought in the shifters. Once they'd done their packing work it looked very different.



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