The 80s in 8 Bits: The Talk

As previously mentioned, I was thrilled to have been invited to talk at Au Contraire, even if on a different topic to the one they originally asked me to do. I was offered a one hour speaking slot, which at first seemed a long time to fill. I aimed for 45 minutes, giving some time for questions, interjections and dithering. Over the week and a half before the day I prepared my presentation. It soon became clear that keeping within one hour would mean failing to cover a lot of material I really wanted to cover. Nonetheless, I persevered and eventually (read "early hour of the morning before the event") had something that seemed to work. Sadly none of the multimedia slides would work outside of my desktop machine, so I had to do it task-switching between the slides and a media player.

I thought the talk went well. I covered most of the things I really wanted to cover and the audience seemed engaged and interested throughout. When I finished I got a good round of applause which was pleasing. I did run a little too long, though I note that my audio recording was just under one hour. I had to hurry the last few slides, and skipped a few of the videos to keep it under time.

Attached here is a PDF of the slides as presented, and a copy of the audio. The audio quality is terrible, so if anyone thinks they can improve it for me, get in touch and I'll send you the original file.

Download Presentation
Download Audio