Sinclair ZX Spectrum Brochure

David Reid ZX Spectrum Brochure

David Reid Electronics was a large chain of electronics hobby shops around New Zealand. They stocked a wide range of computers, including Commodore and Sinclair. Here is a brochure they printed for the ZX Spectrum.

Amiga 500 Brochure

Amiga 500 Brochure thumb

A brochure for the Amiga 500:

Price for computer, mouse, word processor, 5 games, workbench, graphics, extras disk, modulator and Joystick:
$1,495 without monitor
$2,015 with monitor

$995 Basic
$973 Colour

Digiview Gold:

Atari ST Brochure

Atari ST brochure cover thumbnail

Here's an Atari ST brochure.

Atari 800XL Brochure & Letter

Atari 800XL brochure cover page

Here's the Atari 800XL brochure to match the 600XL brochure I posted a few days ago. Also included is the accompanying letter from Monaco Distributors, the official Atari distributor for New Zealand - frustratingly undated, though the price list with it was dated Spring 1984.